The Raptors are minor antagonists in the TV series Kong: The Animated Series and the tertiary antagonists of the film Kong: Return to the Jungle.

the Raptors often appear briefly among the other dinosaurs of Kong island. In the episode Night of the Talons, a pack of Raptors attacks Tann, Jason and Lua in a cornfield. They manage to surround the group, however Kong arrives and beats some of the Raptors. The others Raptors flee, except for two of them who jump on the gorilla and harm him with their claws. However, Kong grabs them and throws them away.

In the past, a pack of Raptors attacked an expedition led by the grandfather of Hunter Stag III wherein Lorna Jenkins was part. The pack surrounded the men and one of the Raptor pounced on Stag's grandfather, then some of them attacked Jenkins. Suddenly, the first Kong arrived and fought against the Raptors in order to protect Jenkins. The reptiles climbed over him and severely bitten him, but he managed to grab most of them and to throw them away. The others Raptors then fled from him.

When Lorna Jenkins lived on Kong Island along with her grandson Jason and the clone of the first Kong, a Raptor attacked Jason in the jungle but Kong arrived and made him flee away. In the present, while Kong was walking on his Island, he sees three Raptors chasing a Triceratops. However, the Tyrannosaurus arrives and makes them flee.

Later, Hunter Stag III sends his men to catch the creatures of Kong Island and the Raptors are captured. They are transported to Stag's zoo at New York, but they manage to escape along with the other creatures. They then ravage the city, two of them notably succeed to derail a train. Finally, they are brought back to Kong Island alongside the others creatures with the help of Kong.

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