A huge coastal predator, Tartarusaurus is found all along the northern side of Skull Island , where it preys on other coastal reptiles, such as Limusaurs (a form of amphibian), sea birds, seals, and carrion. Nomadic, Tartarusauruses follow the seal populations and will jealously defend whatever length of coast they have currently claimed as their own against any intruders, especially another Tartarusaurus. 

The seasonal nature of many of their coastal food sources, such as fur seals, mean Tartarusauruses are nomadic. This brings them into frequent conflict with one another when individuals meet over kills. Large fat reserves accumulate in their tails, allowing the species to go without feeding for long periods. This stored energy grants smaller animals some reprieve in the battle to compete for survival when food is scarce.

Tartarusaurus has a thick, rhinoceros-like hide that protects it from harm. Males fight each other for resources and access to females. Armed with thick, curved claws on each forelimb, males battle upright, balancing on their sturdy hind legs while they raked each other with these scythe-like claws. Despite the ferocity of these matches, their thick skins and resilient scales usually protect them from serious injury.

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